What is a Testimonial?

A Testimonial is a statement of worth or value by a respected source. Testimonials are used to certify the value of a particular product or service. Most importantly, testimonials provide credibility.

What is a Testimonial Reference?

When a customer testimonial is submitted to us for one of our merchants, the customer may leave his/her phone number and/or email so that potential customers can contact him/her concerning the merchant. We do not display customers email and/or phone number on the site. When a customer requests information from the reference, we send an email to the customer with the contact information of the author of the testimonial.

Why can't I as a merchant make up my own testimonials

The purpose of having a testimonial is to show potential customers that a merchant is credible and offers excellent service. A merchant provided testimonial adds no apparent value and actually discredits the business. Our Verified Testimonial process assures that all testimonials in our system are provided by real customers.

How can I post the testimonials to my website

We provide easy to use customized html code that is added to your site that will display your testimonials on your website.

I've uploaded a testimonial but I can't see it on the Merchant's site

Every testimonial must be approved by the merchant before it is displayed to the public.

What happens if a customer uploads a negative testimonial

As all our testimonials must be approved by the merchant before going live, a negative testimonial will never be displayed.

What is the maximum number of testimonials I can have on my website

There is no maximum number of testimonials that can be displayed on your site.

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