Resources About Testimonials and Reviews

  • Presentation of Local Hits Media CEO David Wenner on how the service provided by can improve your online image and reputation. More
  • The Federal Trade Commission announced that it has approved final revisions to the guidance it gives to advertisers on how to keep their endorsement and testimonial ads in line with the FTC Act. The notice incorporates several changes to the FTC's Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, which address endorsements by consumers, experts, organizations, and celebrities, as well as the disclosure of important connections between advertisers and endorsers. The Guides were last updated in 1980. More
  • We all want to get testimonials from our customers, but of course! There really is no better way to lend credibility to what you are offering than to hear how it has helped others. The thing is - it can be hard to get people to actually give you a testimonial. You may have asked them for their testimonial and they may have even promised to send you one - but for some reason they don't! More
  • Let's face it, today's consumers are skeptical. Can you blame them? With all the marketing hype and sales pitches people receive each day, we are all a bit jaded. However, to make the sale we must overcome our prospect's natural skepticism and create a relationship of trust. One of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal is customer testimonials. More
  • What would you say if I told you there was a secret way you could dramatically boost your sales without spending a dime? You'd probably think I was pulling your leg, right? But, if the CEO of a respected Fortune 500 were to tell you the same thing, I bet you'd start listening. The same is true when it comes to marketing your own online business. Ironically, when it comes to saying good things about yourself, your product, or your service, most people are more likely to believe what someone else says before they believe you. More
  • The following is a list of guidelines and rules that can be used to help entrepreneurs collect, develop and use customer testimonials in their small business marketing. It’s important to use testimonials the right way because it’s definitely frowned upon to use a testimonial in a misleading way. More
  • It's as old as the very concept of marketing, and the principle is the same whether your product offering is off-line or online. Using testimonials, or "user feedback," to promote products and services has proven to be one of the most effective ways to build credibility and earn customer trust. Human nature dictates that the earnest and candid endorsement of a satisfied customer is far more believable than the self-serving publicity of an eloquent provider. And in the virtual world, where e-commerce is still striving to win acceptance, customers will tend to look around an online establishment for assurances that they will come out gratified. The strongest assurances are testimonials by fellow customers, their peers. More